Isnin, 28 Jun 2010

the holy quran

Some pieces of advice by Imam Muhammad ibn Ahmad Qurtubi
in al-Jami' li ahkam al-Qur'an
where he said:

  • not to touch the Qur'an except in the state of ritual purity in wudu, and to recite it when in a state of ritual purity;
  • ...
  • when beginning to recite, to take refuge with Allah from the accursed Devil and to say the Basmala ...
  • once one has begun, not to interrupt one's recital from moment to moment with human words, unless absolutely necessary;
  • ...
  • to recite it leisurely and without haste, distinctly pronouncing each letter;
  • to use one's mind and understanding in order to comprehend what is being said to oneself;
  • to pause at verses that promise Allah's favour, to long for Allah Most High and to ask of His bounty; and at verses that warn of His punishment to ask Him to save one from it;
  • to pause at the accounts of bygone peoples and individuals to take heed and benefit from their example;
  • to find out the meanings of the Qur'an's unusual lexical usages;
  • to give each letter its due so as to clearly and fully pronounce every word, for each letter counts as ten good deeds;
  • whenever one finishes reciting, to attest to the veracity of ones's Lord, and that His Messenger MHMD has delivered his message ....
  • ...
  • not to let a day go by without looking at least once at the pages of the Qur'an;
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